USA Map with Major cities

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  • The USA map with major cities shows the location of the major and other cities of each of the 50 states of the country. The state and international boundaries are also shown with different shades of color.
  • The relief pattern of the country and distribution of the major river and surrounding water bodies are also given here.
  • In addition, the location of the national capital and state capital cities are given on the map.
  • Besides, two inset map showing major cities of Alaska and Hawaii is also given on the map.
  • This map is useful for tourists, visitors, travel agents, social scientists etc.

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This USA Map with major cities depicts all the 50 states of the country along with the location of their major and capital cities.Even neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico are marked in the map.The political boundaries, including international and state boundaries, are clearly demarcated on the map. The states of Alaska and Hawaii Islands, which are not connected with mainland USA, are shown with separate inset maps. Major cities and capitals of Alaska and Hawaii are also shown in inset maps.Light colors used in the background show the relief pattern of the states. Besides, major water bodies, including lakes, river, gulfs, and straits are depicted on the US map It is useful for tourism, cartographic references, and general references.

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