Washington History Map with Mall Map by VanDam

Washington History Map with Mall Map by VanDam

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VanDam’s Presidential Map map charts the life of President George Washington and puts his personal geography into the context of his age. The life map details his trajectory from British soldier, surveyor, land and slave owner, signer of the Declaration of Independence, commander in chief during the Revolutionary War, leader of the Constitutional convention, and First President of the new nation. A must-have for every American and visitor to the Washington Monument. This special Capital Edition includes a detailed map of the Washington National Mall featuring museums, memorials, federal buildings and more at an immensely legible super-scale with 3D buildings. Includes DC Regional map and DC Metro Transit guide. VanDam’s Presidential Maps make history accessible, portable and understandable to wide audiences of all ages — from history buffs to casual Mall visitors. This sleek laminated map package refolds easily to 4″ x 9″ (from 32″ x 9″ open) and snuggly fits into your pocket. The smartest souvenir around.

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