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Michelin Maps

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Michelin keeps its extensive European regional map series current with fresh updates to six German regional maps. Renowned for over 100 years for clear, accurate and easy-to-read mapping, Michelin maps give travelers an overall picture of their route, along with practical road and travel information, to orient them quickly so they can find their way to their destination. The six maps sport a smart, new sturdy cardboard cover for extended durability during travels– still in Michelin’s traditional orange for the regional map collection. The mini-map on the cover aids in selecting the correct map or maps for the journey. Travelers will appreciate the map legend in English, as well as the large-scale city maps and extensive place name index. Michelin’s signature map-fold pattern makes it easy to unobtrusively fold back the map to the desired area for easy consulting, and to refold it neatly when finished – it reads like a book. For effective trip planning and navigation on the road, turn to Michelin maps.

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Michelin Maps


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